Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Okay, Inception I know why I didn't like you very much.

Right out of the gate, the energy of AB is just better ...faster, cooler..
Smart music choices, here and at the end of the film, bookend it nicely, as the tale of David Norris quickly becomes interesting enough for a film of it's own. It establishes it's own identity in it's first couple scenes, and though we all know PKD is a genius, it's obvious the Screenwriter/Director had to write some pretty damn good stuff to set this story in 2011 - impressive synthesis, and dedicated filmmaking.

Matt Damon turns in a really good performance boasting subtleties I've never seen him display - best role since Bourne 2...
Emily Blunt is sooo well cast here. Obviously not the traditional beauty, she catches you off guard with her presence, skill and style ...perfect balance to Damon's charisma and character. I didn't "want" her so much as I wanted them to be together ...very cool.
John Slattery does his weirdest version of that character he often plays - "Official doing something official" and I liked him in this more than ever before. Anthony Mackie's Harry is great, as is Michael Kelly - really solid performances that just elevate the whole thing.
As for Terrence Stamp - he's Terrence Stamp - of course he's awesome.

The whole shebang looks really good and a couple unique NY location shots make his political campaign feel very real - like places we just wouldn't be if this weren't true ... good direction - why have I never heard of George Nolfi? ..well, turns out he wrote Bourne 3 ...and this is his first directing gig. Fuck, dude - not bad.

It made me feel good. It often is that simple for this guy.
Inception didn't.
It felt like "elevated pretension" in retrospect, having just enjoyed this film five times more. If anything it's the humour that separates it - AB is funny and charming in the moments Inception was informative and sterile.

By the end, I felt a fair bit like David Norris - that forces for years had been conspiring to thwart me, and that only my ultimate perseverance would get me to where I want to truly be.

But that's the point isn't it - association - make us see ourselves - give us strength we believe we have. Raise us up.

Damn good movie - can't wait to watch it again.


Patrick said...

Cool, now I can't wait to watch it too! Thanks for the heads up on good flicks..

ArthurMacarthur said...

I figured I should plug into 2011 once in a while...

ArthurMacarthur said...
This should connect to a 60 second version of Inception that's well ...pretty cool.