Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ted Talk

YAYY!!! Ted today, and back later with a review...

Well, it's a Seth MacFarlane movie for sure, but emphasis on the movie. Cute and predictable little rom-com in the middle and Mila Kunis is pretty good, got to admit..
but the Ted/John Bennett(Mark Wahlberg) relationship is the story and it is funny. I like Mark Wahlberg best when he's light, though The Fighter is a f'ing great movie - he looks like he's having a good time, but only as much as we are, and man do I hate it when the cast is having more fun than I am ...rrrgggg know that feeling - one of my comedy pet peeves.
It feels like a future classic at the moment but we'll see how it holds up. Took my GF, and her Dad - smart cat, 74 and we all howled. End credit sequence is funnny...
Like Family Guy there are jokes that fall plenty flat but it's on from beginning to end - especially the end..
The whole movie is funny Funny FUNNY ..bit stupid, but..

..TED's a BLAST!!! Go see it.


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