Thursday, December 22, 2011


While Batman fights the Avengers for most anticipated film of 2012, I'm counting the days 'til PROMETHEUS.

#1 on this kid's personal "film wishlist" was Ridley's return to Sci-Fi. I don't think any single Director has had more intelligent influence in the genre.
Only Stanley Kubrick's 2001 could challenge the claim, but that's for someone else to try.

Regardless, he's back, and man am I happy about it.

A MIND-BLOWING Trailer, and a clearly ultra-invigorated Scott has got ALIEN fans drooling for next summer. It looks mysterious and frightening, highlighted by brilliant sound design, and one talented cast.
I'll be talking about this one a lot.

Wanna get PSYCHED-UP?
Watch this one first...
...then this one..

I truly believe Ridley Scott is one of the few actual geniuses working in film today, and lucky for us - he's as excited as a boy with toys, on this particular playground.
So stoked.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

American Horror Story

Okay, it's not perfect..
..but man, I'm enjoying AHS.

Liked the premise right off, but it took a few episodes for this "haunted-house" show to truly find it's legs  ..but it found 'em. Some good acting and a couple surprises here and there are making this a pretty reliable watch.

Wouldn't have guessed that so much sex would work but it does ...and pretty well actually.
Most recent episode with Violet's realization = Fantastic.

I'll be back here real soon..
I'm back.. and wow, is everyone dead on AHS? What a crazy show! ...groovy, bring on the wacky..

Wow, I can't believe I didn't see where this was all going for the season..
Very cool.

And Jessica Lange - Fantastic.
Gotta say - I'm genuinely intrigued by where this next season's going to go..

Alright - just watched it again, and I loved that last episode but yeah, where the fuck are they going with it?
Season Two:
"Happy Holiday-Loving Ghost Family Fight Anti-Christ!!"

Must confess to being somewhat apprehensive, but I'll be watching - that's for sure.