Monday, February 27, 2012

..and the Oscar goes to..


It's 2012, and the Best Picture Oscar just went to a black and white silent film.
It's moments like this that renew my faith in this ...questionable industry.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Live and die on this day."
Very intense film experience.

And a genuinely good movie for sure..
but I'm only going to talk about one scene:

"My first name is John." - Amazing moment - worth watching the whole story just to get to it.
I like writing when it's this strong, and I definitely like Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson together - Impressive team, like the Scott brothers who produced it.

I did wonder where the crazy CG wolves from The Day After Tomorrow went when their scenes were done  ...North, it turns out.

But I jest..
This is a well-shot, well-made, primal adventure of a movie - you'd have a hard time sleeping though it - that's for sure.

 It does.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Artist

Brilliant film.

And a good post for Valentine's Day - this film loves film - it's makers love film, film history, and ever bit of honest hard work that goes into it.
Why on earth do anything with no love in it?
"I gotta pay my bills..." - fuck that - bills get paid. Find what you love and LOVE it. Do it. Film it. Draw it. Research it. Record it. Keep it secret, or tell the world from the rooftops, but if you love something - make it your God - make it your bliss ..but find it, without fear or expectation.
Love something.
I love seeing LOVE on the screen, and it's exactly why I like writing about film.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Excellent Art Design, and a damn scary film - strong, clean direction.

Great sets. 
Great mood - just a good "ghost story" movie - I wish I could watch one o' these a month. There's an economy to the storytelling - very British. I think Susan Hill might like it. Ending's a tad goofy, but works for the story.
Woman in Black is rife with genuine tension, supported by strong performances, but there's one scene that really got me..
Yowsa!   ..unrelenting goosebumps..
..and it's a HAMMER Film - Go check it out ..if you like being scared.