Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Live and die on this day."
Very intense film experience.

And a genuinely good movie for sure..
but I'm only going to talk about one scene:

"My first name is John." - Amazing moment - worth watching the whole story just to get to it.
I like writing when it's this strong, and I definitely like Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson together - Impressive team, like the Scott brothers who produced it.

I did wonder where the crazy CG wolves from The Day After Tomorrow went when their scenes were done  ...North, it turns out.

But I jest..
This is a well-shot, well-made, primal adventure of a movie - you'd have a hard time sleeping though it - that's for sure.

 It does.


Patrick said...

sounds cool - I will check it out. Liam Neeson rocks.

ArthurMacArthur said...

He reminds me of a big version of you, actually, Pad..