Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Love it.
One of my favorite '80's movies...
Gotta go find it and watch tonight...

Going to watch it tomorrow night with my buddy, Dave Page ...then WE are going to write a crazy post ...tune in tomorrow, kiddies(who am I kidding - noone reads this)...

TONIGHT!! A Conversation with Dave Page on Fright Night... and burgers.

..wow, good burgers..

Dave: "Man, I like that movie"
Arthur: "Me too.."

the end


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Source Code - Go see it!

Then we can chat about it - why you loved/liked/mah or hated it...

I myself, enjoyed it a lot...
..and here are ten reasons why:

1 - The direction - it felt seasoned and solid(guess it's time to watch Moon). Creative, energized control - I'll be first in line for Duncan Jones' next film.

2 - Gyllenhaal and Monaghan - greeeaat chemistry.

3 - The "look" - some specifically simple style choices give it a timeless quality ...seamless cg(perfect).

4 - Vera Farmiga's eyes - wow.

5 - The "roll scene" - Jake jumps off the train - motion of rolling constant with train = cool as hell.

6 - Russel Peters - Strong Canadian content.

7 - This poster ...excellent. In fact I must state again that any poster can be cool as long as it's not two photoshopped heads. Feels a little Saul Bass-ish ..very cool.
Even the mainstream posters were creative on this one.

8 - The plot - The "mcguffin" is based in ambiguous science but we learn with him - I like that ...good mysterious unraveling - it doesn't surprise me to learn that Mr.Jones borrowed from Hitch's Strangers on a Train ...it shows.

9 - The smile scene - you'll know what I mean and you'll love it like I did or hate it like some of the folks who saw it that first night too did - there's personal philosophy in it and I'm a fan of that touch by any smart director.

10 - It's a smart sci-fi thrill ride directed by David Bowie's son and it feels a bit like Hitchcock - how fucking cool is that??

I saw it with my friend Martin who is smart and open-minded - take someone like that, or you'll regret it.

Great movie ...and damn, if it doesn't feel like summer's a startin'...