Saturday, April 2, 2011

Source Code - Go see it!

Then we can chat about it - why you loved/liked/mah or hated it...

I myself, enjoyed it a lot...
..and here are ten reasons why:

1 - The direction - it felt seasoned and solid(guess it's time to watch Moon). Creative, energized control - I'll be first in line for Duncan Jones' next film.

2 - Gyllenhaal and Monaghan - greeeaat chemistry.

3 - The "look" - some specifically simple style choices give it a timeless quality ...seamless cg(perfect).

4 - Vera Farmiga's eyes - wow.

5 - The "roll scene" - Jake jumps off the train - motion of rolling constant with train = cool as hell.

6 - Russel Peters - Strong Canadian content.

7 - This poster ...excellent. In fact I must state again that any poster can be cool as long as it's not two photoshopped heads. Feels a little Saul Bass-ish ..very cool.
Even the mainstream posters were creative on this one.

8 - The plot - The "mcguffin" is based in ambiguous science but we learn with him - I like that ...good mysterious unraveling - it doesn't surprise me to learn that Mr.Jones borrowed from Hitch's Strangers on a Train shows.

9 - The smile scene - you'll know what I mean and you'll love it like I did or hate it like some of the folks who saw it that first night too did - there's personal philosophy in it and I'm a fan of that touch by any smart director.

10 - It's a smart sci-fi thrill ride directed by David Bowie's son and it feels a bit like Hitchcock - how fucking cool is that??

I saw it with my friend Martin who is smart and open-minded - take someone like that, or you'll regret it.

Great movie ...and damn, if it doesn't feel like summer's a startin'...

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ArthurMacarthur said...

Duncan Jones on Source Code...
I was right ...ha ha ha haaa...