Saturday, December 10, 2011

American Horror Story

Okay, it's not perfect..
..but man, I'm enjoying AHS.

Liked the premise right off, but it took a few episodes for this "haunted-house" show to truly find it's legs  ..but it found 'em. Some good acting and a couple surprises here and there are making this a pretty reliable watch.

Wouldn't have guessed that so much sex would work but it does ...and pretty well actually.
Most recent episode with Violet's realization = Fantastic.

I'll be back here real soon..
I'm back.. and wow, is everyone dead on AHS? What a crazy show! ...groovy, bring on the wacky..

Wow, I can't believe I didn't see where this was all going for the season..
Very cool.

And Jessica Lange - Fantastic.
Gotta say - I'm genuinely intrigued by where this next season's going to go..

Alright - just watched it again, and I loved that last episode but yeah, where the fuck are they going with it?
Season Two:
"Happy Holiday-Loving Ghost Family Fight Anti-Christ!!"

Must confess to being somewhat apprehensive, but I'll be watching - that's for sure.


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