Saturday, November 12, 2011

Of Unknown Origin

I like horror movies.
I like simple straightforward narratives a lot.
..and I like Peter Weller.

Of Unknown Origin is a little old thriller from 1983. I'd seen that claw-raked-photo-painting-cover for years and just last night succumbed to my fascination.
Glad I did - it's wayyy different than I'd expected ...that being a AIP type of film ...bit loosey goosey and very dated. What I got was a small tight little story with a wicked performance at it's heart.

I love this era of horror ...when Dead Zone was shot in Canada ...when Changeling was shot in Canada..

Not Sold?
Well, the movie also boasts the debut of Shannon Tweed, and if you watch it for her nude scene you're done in five minutes ...easy peasy..
Then there's Louis Del Grande leading the Canadian charge comprised of Jennifer Dale, Maury Chaykin, and Kenneth Welsh ...go Canucks!

Peter Weller toasting to Canadians..

I'd always thought it was a supernatural story ...nope, far from it.. simple it's charming as hell.


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