Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apes Will Rise!!!

Loved it.
This summer, movies rock!!

That's actually something cool about franchises -it took 43 years to get another GREAT Planet of the Apes movie, but we got one.
Worth the wait.
What an incredibly entertaining film, and a great addition to the canon. Sooo impressed... I was laughing out loud at the ingenuity of this team - lot of smart decisions in there.

The Uncanny Valley: It'll be WETA who crosses it before Cameron - that's fer sure.
Feels weird and amazing that I liked a purely CG character a helluva lot more than Green Lantern this year, but it wasn't the effects at the core...
WRITING!!!!'s still kind of important, dummies...
..and this Apes movie is well fucking written.

That I loved the character of Caesar still has me reeling - I hope I can write a fictional character so well someday. Hats off to Andy Serkis for topping Gollum - there's a lot to the physical presence of these sci-fi creations, and he's in control, boy the hell does an ape have better body language than most of the "superheroes" in their own films?
He looks dramatic, and pensive ...real.


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Patrick said...

ok, ok, I'll go see it.
I remember watching the original in the basement gym of the school in Herring Cove, the one you 'broke into'.. :)
(and loving it!)