Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My 60th post and the jewel of 1960, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

This movie has altered the path of my life.

I was raised on Psycho, my Mother having been amongst those in attendance during it's original release. 
Now, everyone's heard of the craziness in those theatres, as terrified fans lost their collective minds - screaming, crying, fainting..
..but true story - my Mom's cousin still hasn't seen the whole thing since she ran out back in '60 - I love that.

I had occasion to watch this on mute in a noisy bar, on a busy night..
My coworker, Ashley and myself happened to glance up at the same time - Norman is standing by the lake, and turns to camera - Absolutely Chilling - no joke - goosebumps, and both of us felt it.
Supports the thought Alfred Hitchcock put forth that a good film can be watched silently, and understood clearly.

Who do you root for when you watch Psycho?
Who's the "hero" and who is the "villain"?
Can you really kill your protagonist half-way through the movie? 

Yes you can.

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