Monday, March 5, 2012

Fear Itself

Biiig fan of Horror Anthology TV Shows..
..and somehow missed NBC's Fear Itself when it aired a few years back(I was probably drunk) but fear not, horror fans - it's on, and worth watching fer sure.

Basically, it plays like Tales from the Crypt-esque continuation of Masters of Horror, though admittedly it's this 80's horror fan who thought the John Landis episode was the weakest.. yeah, there are a couple o' stinkers for sure, but overall a worthwhile watch - with pretty decent production values too. Shot in Edmonton(how freakin' weird is that?) it pulls off American locales rather well, actually.

The pilot is strong - enough to keep watching..
and New Year's Day and Circles had good basic stories, but a sloppy execution kinda diluted 'em a bit..

Noteworthily nice to see Eric Roberts as something other than a cliched villain for a change, and his episode(Spooked) is one of the more inventive - couple genuinely creepy moments..

It's fun - go get scared!!


Patrick said...

"I'm not afraid"
"you will be.."

ArthurMacArthur said...

ha haaa..
well said yet again, Brother