Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dead Silence

Pleasant surprise, this little film.
Myself and a few friends watched it probably more to have something to make fun of for two hours than as a serious movie - and as you know, dear reader, that can be great fun.
So here's the catch see's kind of good.
Dead Silence features a decent script, a fun intro, a couple o' moviestars, and a few genuinely scary moments. I dug it, and it's close to the tone I'd like to get up on the bigscreen myself.

Facts being facts, I'm a huge fan of "Evil Puppet" movies - I LOVE 'em, and am now watching MAGIC with Anthony Hopkins so far, but I digress yet again.
This one is a blast, and I'd watch horror films like it every day if I could. There's a gruesomely serious tone to the "torture porn" movies that is soooo not in this one..
If you like Tales from the Crypt or Trilogy of Terror, or the Chucky movies, you might want to give DEAD SILENCE a try.


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