Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post One: Stephen King

Like Clint Eastwood, Stephen King seems to be getting cooler with age.
How rare is this?
So many of my favorite filmmakers, authors and pop-culture superheroes have lost what made them unique - maybe they just used it all up, but this blog isn't about ripping things apart - perhaps movies that are about ripping things apart - awesome movies ..but no, this is about lifting 'em up.

I love film which is about as unique as liking chocolate but my love is unique - mad love for some of these stories/filmmakers/posters - love that just might give you new eyes when you watch 'em next.

I'd like to get down to the skeletons of things - why do I love them? I suppose my thoughts will be more geared towards film than writing, but SK has created so many of the stories I've loved on the screen, but it's the guy behind the books who has really impacted my experience. I'm making a movie - a short film out of a Stephen King story I adore, and it sent me back through his books I'd read but onto the missed and more recent as well - amazing stuff, and it sparked some new motivations.
One of them was a blog about film - lots of horror - lots of Mr. King - lots of weird angles on the work of geniuses.

Comments are great - debate away - make jokes - it's just some goofy movie writing online...


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