Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Going to watch Bill Murray's Groundhog Day today ...yet again.

Not an odd thing for this kid ...I watch movies over and over all the time. But what about a super-repetitive movie that re-references itself over and over?? Why would anyone want to watch something like that more than once? Because it's good. Really good. Smart and philosophical and uplifting. This is another choice that shows us Bill Murray is a thinking person ...gotta be real smart to be real funny.

The film is quick and clever - very entertaining & a joy no matter what you take from it, but what a comment it makes...

I get up and live a similar morning every day too, but this movie always makes me re-examine how I live ...where I place my priorities...
The film seems small but it's all about the big picture.

I love the script, the direction, the acting, the timing, the humour...
I love Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell together - the whole arc of their romance could be a film itself outside this one. Fantastic ending ...BM's delivery - the resignation in the voice and body language ...the realization of true love for this woman it. He's brilliant in the film but the emotional plateau in that ending. Amazing stuff, and a teaming of Ramis and Murray that's every bit as relevant as their "big one".

I wonder if you know this, dear reader... the film takes place over TEN YEARS, and there are 34 "Groundhog Day"s in it that is wild.
How many life lessons could you learn in a rerun decade?

I learn more every time I watch it.
It always makes me want to fall in love, and punch an insurance salesman.

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