Saturday, June 11, 2011

the summer of SUPER 8...

I thought I was going to see a Steven Spielberg film by J.J. Abrams.

It is a movie for us(my generation) ..and about us.
Set in the summer of 1979, Super 8 offers a sci-fi mystery, with a heartfelt human story, as it follows a group of teenagers who set out to make a super 8 horror film in their Ohio steel-mill town.

More than a sense of wonderment in the viewer is the sense of it in the film - letting us watch us is essentially what I got out of Super 8. It just took a bit to figure it out..
It really is "wonderment" up on that screen, and the true love for Steven Spielberg's early work - that "feeling" that was pervasive through his films and so many he produced. Fact is, there's far more respect for SS's early career than in than in his own recent Indy 4. It's a love affair with small people sharing big adventures whilst surrounded by dubious adults.
Watching these kids, it's hard not to feel young again.

It's not perfect. I think I was hoping for a more intriguing story, and at moments it feels like E.T. mashed in with The Thing ...but boy, if your going to slam a couple films together to make a 70's/80's homage ...why not go with the best eh?

Super 8 is a very personal film for something so pedigreed, if you will.
Sooo I'm going to go AGAIN today ...and let it sink in a little more.

I think I kinda liked it actually...


SLAM-A-RAMA said...

I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped I would, but I'm not sure that would have been possible. Still, pretty fun, and definitely a heartfelt tribute.

ArthurMacarthur said...

Thanks, Slam..

ArthurMacarthur said...

..and you made a good point..
I don't think I loved it as I watched.. much as discovered something in it again by the end.