Saturday, June 4, 2011

X-MEN - First Class

"First Class" is right...
This is a great film, and a perfect start to the whole X-men experience, if you're not already a fan.

After being floored by Kick-Ass, I was soo glad to hear Mathew Vaughn was on the next X-opus ...very well directed. I love it when you can feel the reverence a director has for the material - why do a film if you don't?

...and it features the BEST CAMEO EVER!!! I won't ruin it, but trust me ...this one moment is a fanboy dream, and a great laugh. Brilliant scene.

*January Jones is almost hot enough to excuse her lack of talent, but not quite..

Loved Xavier, Magneto, and Shaw equally but the friendship between Charles and Erik is the lynchpin and perfectly done. The ending is sad, hopeful then awesome. Some beautiful design too - just a blast to look at. I'm a sucker for that period's Kennedy's the 60's...

X-Men: First Class works as a fun period piece, a really good comic book movie, and a dramatic story ...I really do hope this becomes the next X-trilogy.
Upon my 2nd viewing, I liked Michael Fassbinder even more..
MAGNETO is brilliant.

Very Cool flic.
..and I'm First in line for whatever Mathew Vaughn does.


TristJoseph said...

My feelings are a bit mixed. First the odd stuff. I think the animated bombs threw me off. I knew what they were going for (very period filmreel), but it didn't quite mesh with the sexy-as-hell jet scenes (perhaps that was the point). As for January Jones...I understand why they thought she could have been perfect as an ice (or diamond) queen, but yeesh. If she can't even play frigid, what can she do? The casting choices of Rade Serbedzija and Michael Ironside were a bit spot on, but still fine.

Now the rest. Michael Fassbender...hello new crush. Brilliant in every possible way, though again, the inconsistent accents threw me. He was really quite Irishy at the end (that doesn't seem quite canon to me). And even though the cameo was blown for me (no, I'm never letting that go), it was still brilliant.

So, I should say something goofy now, right? Shall I say it was Xcellent? Xtraordinary? Xemplary, perhaps? Nah, too moronic. I'll just say that I agree - beautiful design, beautiful set-up between Charles and Erik (your spelling is off, fanboy) and I will definitely watch that sequel.

ArthurMacarthur said...

Well, this is one X-tracool response..

..and I'll fix that spelling, thanks..

I'm hoping for a Magneto movie..